It's not just a waterfall bridge...

It seeks to resolve the pedestrian connection, by a practical and basic way, beyond connecting from one place to another, create a shared use experience.
During the morning, the bridge through the mirrors facade, merges, collects and reproduce another landscape dimension; at afternoon it transforms through a waterfall that emerges from it, generating a new atmosphere and space for collective use; at last in the evening, the new landscape becomes another social integration stage, where the waterfall is used as a projection panel, as a result the river becomes in a new public space. In this way, a new vision of bridge is built, one that is ever-changing, an action! a strategy that responds to its contexts, by integrating and interacting with it.

Let´s imagine being able to cross by the middle of a floating waterfall..

mas que una edificación de contenedor de programas , se busca una accion [reproducir-reflejo] , la misma que nos ayudara en entender y reinterpretarla

Centro : El ser humano como el actor, complice, interprete, proyecto, programa.

Interpretación: El Reflejo como medio, Reproducción en tiempo real - Reinterpretar lo ya Interpretado.

Naturaleza: El entorno como fin, escencia, reflexiones, conciencia,acciones,cambios.